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15 – 16 MEI 2021: GRATIS aromatherapie Webinar AHAM

GRATIS aromatherapie webinar


Jody Elleaume, Annie Lee, Yan Oberlaender and Melani Kovac.

15 – 16 mei 2021
13.00u – 16.00u

Je moet je vooraf registreren om deel te nemen.

Enkele belangrijke afspraken voor de webinar:

Het webinar gaat door via Zoom

Je moet op voorhand registreren om te kunnen deelnemen

Je zult dan je login gegevens krijgen om te kunnen deelnemen

Log in 15 minuten voor de webinar start

Zet je microfoon op ‘mute’

Vul je naam in bij je aanmelding

Max. Webinar capaciteit is 500 deelnemers

Webinar in het Engels

Info over de lesgevers en het thema

Case Studies with aromatic hydrolates and essential oils – part 1
(15 mei – 13u: Jody Elleaume)

In this lecture, I will talk about different case studies, where I showcase how to use hydrolates and essential oils in dealing with several health issues.

Since he was 11, Jody has been immersed in the world of essential oils. Trained by several big names in aromatherapy, he also graduated in herbalism. He is the exclusive importer of OSHADHI in France and creator of “Myrtea formations“ – an official training institute for Aromatherapy and Naturopathy. His goal is to spread the seeds of plant knowledge and awareness and to direct Myrtéa in a human and collaborative way.

Aromatherapy and Child Care
(15 mei – 14u30: Annie Lee )

We will take a closer look on how different essential oils can be used to help children under different situations.

Annie has been a Clinical Aromatherapist for over 15 years by starting her own clinic named Herbal Square Company. She is an accredited IFPA Principal Lecturer since 2011 and is also Principal at FLEUR International College of Aromatherapy in Hong Kong. She has trained thousands of Aromatherapists who now work in a variety of therapeutic settings.

South American Essential oils
(16 mei – 13u: Yan Oberlaender)

In this lecture, we will expand your knowledge about aromatic plants present in the South American continent. An area with a great diversity of plants and a great potential in the discovery of new aromatic species.

Yan is a biologist and creator of Conaroma, an online aromatherapy congress that brings together more than 20,000 people a year. He is an entrepreneur and a certified aromatherapist by the AIA (Alliance of Internatio­nal Aromatherapists). Director of Oshadhi’s operations in Brazil, he dedicates his life to the research of aromatic plants and the dissemination of essential oils as a way to bring more health and well-being to humanity.

Enthusiasm for Life
(16 mei – 14u30: Melani Kovac)

Throughout these extraordinary times of unnatural life, with lockdowns and limitations, the enthusiasm for life has declined in many, and so has sexual desire and passion in general. This lecture will address both issues and draw the parallel between them. It will reveal how to use the secrets of creating aromatherapy aphrodisiacs to boost enthusiasm for life and passion in any area you choose.

Melani devoted over 10 years solely to aromatherapy. To serve this purpose, she founded an Aroma institute through which she organizes and supports different aromatherapy projects. She has been invited as a lecturer all over the globe because of her unique expertise and style of teaching. So far, she lectured for over a thousand pharmacists and health professionals as well as aromatherapy students. Her IT background, her curiosity and her wide spread contacts in the Aroma-Scene inspired her to create a global online platform for all essential oil users and sellers – Dropsmith.

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Winterse appeldrank met kardemom en kaneelhydrolaat


300ml appelsap
700ml water
8 kardamonpeulen
klein snufje zout
sap van geraspte gember (1 duim groot)
1 eetlepel kaneelhydrolaat



  • Breng het water met snufje zout aan de kook, samen met de kardamonpeulen die je vooraf wat gekneusd hebt zodat de donkere zaden vrijkomen.
  • Laat 10min koken.
  • Warm het appelsap op en voeg samen met het gembersap en het kaneelhydrolaat toe.
  • Wees voorzichtig met de hoeveelheid gembersap, de smaak is snel dominant.



Recept: Veerle Waterschoot