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4 – 5 DECEMBER 2021: GRATIS aromatherapie Webinar AHAM

Gratis aromatherapie webinar


Lydia Bosson, Dr. Malte Hozzel, Melani Kovac & Eva Bouzas

Zaterdag 4 december 2021: 12u tem 15u
Dr. Malte Hozzel & Lydia Bosson

Lydia Bosson

Holistic Aroma & Hydrosol therapy in the medical field

Description: It is evident that hydrosols and essential oils have numerous therapeutic purposes and can be integrated in all kind of traditional or allopathic medical approach. The allopathic medicine can recognize today numerous indications for aromatherapy as for infections, anxiety and depression, insomnia, inflammations etc. However, the last years more and more bridges are created to approach a phytoallopathic vision to a more holistic way to treat the diseases. The Chinese medicine will work with the knowledge of meridians and acupuncture points and Ayurveda will take in consideration the bioenergy of the plants. In Switzerland Aroma- and Hydrosol therapy have gain more and more significance in the classical medical field and the collaboration with holistic therapists is closer than ever.
The holistic visions help to become more efficient in therapy. This is probably the main reason why aroma-and hydrosoltherapy are so popular in Switzerland. Today, the majority of pharmacies offer preparations in diverse pharmaceutical forms, such as suppositories, vaginal ovules, blends of hydrolates and essential oils for internal and external use. The pharmacies collaborate closely with medical doctors, hospitals and therapists.

Dr. Malte Hozzel

Magic of Plant Alchemy and Aromatherapy

Description: Nature’s transformational skills in medicinal plants

Zondag 5 december 2021: 12u tem 15u
Melanie Kovac & Eva Bouzas

Melanie Kovac

Holistic approach for lasting skin results

Description: This lecture will demonstrate the importance of the holistic aromatherapy approach to skincare. You will discover the fusion of traditional and new methods to aromatherapy in this area to build more confidence in your blending.

Eva Bouzas

Skin and Psyche

Description: In this lecture, we will learn about beauty care and rejuvenation through the skin and olfactory with Essential oils.

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